Welcome, in the world of samples

 We produce since more then  20  years different samples                      

The company INLIFE-S spol. sro was founded by us in 1992 in Nove Zamky (southern Slovakia) with Austrian management. At the beginning we had rented a building for our production. In 1999 we bought a property area for our company and rebuilt the existing building in order to meet our needs.


Our customers are located in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.


Many steps in the production of samples are carried out by hand, also require a solid expertise and high standards of precision. Our highly trained and highly motivated staff carries out the duties assigned always conscientiously. This enables us to produce more and the highest quality and flawlessly.


It is important for us that discussed with our customer delivery dates are met. Also the price is important, therefore, we calculate for our customers an fair and inexpensive price.


Our goal is to provide our customers with our quality very high, to ask the punctual delivery and the attractive price satisfied.


You can see some of our work, here (Click to enlarge)